New generation brings skaters back to half-pipe

The nineties skate culture is regaining popularity. In fact, skate parks, half-pipes, and mini-ramps are visible across the Virginia Beach Oceanfront neighborhoods, businesses and parks more than ever before. Skaters of all ages, skill levels and experience show up to the public skate parks in packs, while some skaters mix it up a bit and utilize more private facilities.

And, as skateboarding has once again become “cool”, this once predominantly male sport has now become popular with females as well.

One of these dominant female skaters, Maddi Fisher, is a current freshman at First Colonial High School. Fisher has been skating since she was a young child, always showed an interest in the sport and as she began to skate more, her parents knew right away that she had a natural talent.

Fisher’s dad, once a skater himself, has been heavily involved in the skate community for nearly 40 years and decided to encourage his daughter’s talent by building a full scale half-pipe in the backyard for Maddi and her friends to practice every day.

“I became interested in skateboarding mostly because of my dad; there have always been skateboards, new and old boards, that he collects and displays in the garage. I wanted to try out all of them,” Fisher said.

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon to see tons of kids 10-15-years old in Fisher’s backyard.  Often, these kids hop from ramp to ramp throughout the day, honing their skills in hopes of entering the next contest. Fisher and her friends generally enter a variety of these contests through Coastal Edge Surf Shop, such as the upcoming ‘Tricks for Treats’ Skate Competition. As there are not yet as many female competitors that can keep up with her, Maddi often competes with males and has been quite successful.

Both of Fisher’s parents are highly involved in her sport of choice and are more than happy for Maddi to host her  friends her in their backyard as it keeps them close and in a safe and friendly environment.

According to Fischer’s mom, Tara, she has always encouraged her daughter to pursue whatever sport she wanted, but does admit to pushing her on a skateboard when she was only a year old.  Now that Maddi is 14, she is happy to see that neighborhood kids are comfortable coming over and adding competition and camaraderie to their daily skate sessions.

Maddi’s next competition will be on Sunday, October 24, in the ‘Tricks for Treats’ Coastal Edge Skate Competition.