Advanced Fashion class continues annual fashion show via video

The Advanced Fashion Marketing class generally holds an annual fashion show to showcase the latest fashion trends for both students and teachers. However, over the last few years, Fashion Marketing teacher Mrs. Bolling and her class were not able to hold the production in person due to the pandemic.

As a way to keep the tradition ongoing, Mrs. Bolling and her students decided to make a video this year that highlights fashion through the decades. 

Q: Why did you choose to make a video this year? 

A: “We chose to create a video because, due to COVID, we are not able to plan our normal fashion show in the auditorium. We also felt that it would reach a larger audience because it would be shown on the morning announcements that every student watches.”

Q: How is this fashion show different from the past years? 

A:“It is different because we are not allowed to have shows in the auditorium. In the spring, we hope to plan a show in the Wing if we can’t use the auditorium.”

Q: How did the class come up with the “fashion through the decades theme?

A: Each Advanced Fashion student created a presentation based on an original theme. The class then voted on their favorite theme and created the show based on the winner.”

Q: From what store and/or boutique were the clothes from this year? 

A: “Golden Hour Boutique, All the Rage, and Lola Boutique.”

Q: Are these local businesses?

A: “They are all local stores.”

Q: Do you plan to hold the in-person fashion show next year; if not, is the video the new replacement? 

A: “I don’t think the video will be a replacement because the in-person show is such a great experience for the audience and a hands-on learning experience for the Advanced Fashion students. However, I think a video is a great addition.”

Q: How can students access the video?

A: “The video has been shown on the morning announcements, so students can click on the announcements link in Schoology to view it.”