Lil’ Baby brings powerhouse performance to Norfolk

Often it’s hard to determine which artist is “up next” in the music industry, with viral trends and viral songs being replaced by more of the same. Lil’ Baby, within 30 minutes at the Norfolk Scope Arena recently, cut through all the noise. And, if only for one night, proved he is the best in the game right now.

A packed house in front of him provided high energy, shouting back lyrics to popular songs such as Drip Too Hard, Freestyle, and Close Friends. Lil’ Baby gave the performance his all, and even debuted a new song titled My Turn. The performance wasn’t one to miss, and videos seen on social media would give anyone a serious fear of missing out. The school’s students made their way to the Scope as well, including senior Orien Cohen. He fully agreed that the the full weight of the performance could be felt.

“Upon hearing Lil’ Baby’s rendition of the song Close Friends off of the mixed tape Drip Harder, I was brought to tears,” Cohen said.

Warming up the show before Lil’ Baby was  Trap Beckham, LightSkinKeisha, and a variety of local talent in between, such as Julio Brown from Hampton. Each brought their own performances to inflate the already excited mood in the crowd.

Of the two main opening performances, Beckham stood out as he delighted fans to songs such as Birthday Chick and Sundress Season, evoking the nostalgic feelings of summer. LightSkinKeisha’s overplayed persona, however, interrupted her performance through the use of Stan Twitter slang terms like ‘on periodt’, as well as her use of crowd interaction that was less than satisfactory. 

After the show ended, fans of all ages poured out of the Scope Arena in downtown Norfolk, still buzzing about Lil’ Baby. Even those who couldn’t make it, reflected on his music and the desire to attend.

“I like his music because it has good rhythm and flow. I would have loved to have seen him in concert because I’m sure he goes hard and doesn’t disappoint,” sophomore Juliette Kirker said.

Lil’ Baby commanded the stage with the help of background dancers and his personal DJ, but after hours of waiting, it felt as though the audience was missing something from the lack of a lengthier performance. Yet, what he lacked in material, he most certainly made up for in his performance and as an entertainer, leaving a lasting impression on the audience that will not soon be forgotten.


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