Boys and girls lacrosse recognized, VHSL sanctioned sport

VARSITY BOYS LACROSSE team celebrated a hard-fought battle turned win over First Colonial High School (FCHS). “It’s always an amazing feeling to beat FC,” junior Matt Goodman. “They are and always have been our main rival, so definitely a big win.” (courtesy of Stacie Price)

First year high school teacher and varsity boys lacrosse coach Joe Zirpolo has taken on more than his fair share of work this year, especially because lacrosse has become a newly sanctioned Virginia High School League (VHSL) sport.  Coach Zirpolo coached the team last year when it was still considered a club team and, in simpler words, is excited to make a memorable first season as a legit VHSL sport. Zirpolo, who previously taught elementary school is now teaching ninth and tenth grade math classes.

Q: How does being a VHSL coach differ from a club coach?

A:  “Being a VHSL coach comes with a different set of rules and regulations that are necessary to follow. Competing in the VHSL is an exciting change, because it gives us a higher level of

credibility in the school, allows us to compete for championships, and allows our players more recognition that will help in the recruiting aspect of things.”

Q:  One thing you hope to get out of this season?

A:  “One thing that I hope to get out of this season is to grow the game of lacrosse in the Cox community. There is already a lot of excitement about the sport, but not a lot of overall

knowledge. I want to make our games fun for spectators and hopefully grow the popularity of the sport even more.”

Q:  What is something you’re excited to see this year?

A:  I am incredibly excited for the fan base at our games. I hope that our games can become the football and basketball games of the spring and that The Nest can come have a strong presence!

Q:  What would you say the team’s strengths and weaknesses are?

A:  “Our team’s biggest strengths are the depth of our roster and our overall lacrosse abilities. We have one of the most talented groups in the city of Virginia Beach because of the work that our players have put in to getting better at the sport of lacrosse. We have an overall young defense, but they are eager to get better and learn how to play the sport correctly, which will help us out immensely this season.”

Q: What is your overall goal for the season?

A:  “Our overall goal for the season is to continue to get better each week, and eventually challenge for a regional championship.”

Q: What was your biggest takeaway from last season?

A:“Last season we had an incredibly talented team, but injuries hurt us towards the end of the year. My biggest personal takeaway from the season is that you can’t rely on just having talented players at the top end of your roster, but that all players need to be able and ready to help the team at all times.”