Leadership Workshop staff Round-Up offers new opportunity, underclass students

Leadership workshop staff plans to put on their annual leadership workshop roundup on February 1st in the auditorium. The purpose of round-up is to advertise to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors what Leadership Workshop is ultimately about. 

Roundup is a skit that provides details and information about the weekend of the Workshop and how students can apply. Leadership Workshop weekend is a sleep-away weekend event that is held at Camp Silver Beach on the Eastern Shore from March 31-April 2nd. The weekend entails fun-filled activities that build student’s leadership skills and forces them to move out of their comfort zone with student-made skits. 

Leadership Workshop director senior Aidan Ensogna is a second-year staff member and was a delegate for two years prior. 

“This is the first year that the Workshop weekend has been held at Camp Silver Beach which will provide us with a lot more opportunities. This year we expect it to be bigger than other years and the Leadership family will grow because of our more experienced staff and larger venue,” Ensogna said.