Falcon football winning streak continues

OCEAN LAKES FOOTBALL players back up into their own end zone. The goal is to move the ball out of the end zone. (Ethan Casey)

The Varsity Football team has worked hard to maintain their impressive record this season. The Falcons added onto their winning streak this past Friday when they beat the Ocean Lakes Dolphins with a score of 37-13 at home. The game was led by senior captain Jordin Cooper.

Key Players: Cooper led the team with a “pick 6” touchdown. Junior captain Gage Trefry added a passing touchdown. The defensive line held the Dolphins to two touchdowns and multiple “3 and outs”.

Quote: “Our coaches had a good game plan going into the game and we executed it, which led to our win,” sophomore Braden Lyons said.

Key Moment:  The key moment was an interception, leading to a touchdown, in the third quarter, by senior Cooper. The Falcons were also able to push the Dolphins back to a touchback, increasing their lead.

Up Next: The Falcons will face off against the Salem SunDevils this Friday, September 23rd, at Salem High School. Kickoff will begin at 7 p.m.