NJROTC marches in formation, now at the “Nest”

The Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) program has moved its way from First Colonial High School (FC),where it was housed for years. Falcon NJROTC members, previously, would shuffle from CHS to FC for the class regularly on “B” days. There had been talk about moving the program the the “Nest” prior to the pandemic, but the idea and shift in schools was not set in motion until this past summer.

Now, NJROTC students can often be seen marching their way through the parking lot during 2B, or studying in the classroom.

NJROTC is headed by Master Chief Aardahl and LT. Guzman.  Their main focus is to teach their students how to become good citizens, and about honor and commitment.

According to Guzman, anyone interested in joining NJROTC should be ready for a commitment that includes learning time management, study skills, heritage, commitment to our country, and how those who have gone before us have protected us.

Both Aardahl and Guzman’s students are also appreciative of all the student work, dedication, and pride put into the program.

“It has given me discipline and structure in my life and has helped me get in contact with people,” NJROTC student Ian Stolle said.

NJROTC, now part of the Falcon’s “Nest” is here to stay and for those who may doubt the program, they may want to reconsider as it is certainly an opportunity that can help students reach their full potential.