Falcon tradition lives through alumni

SCA developed a plan to work in conjunction with other clubs and organizations to make videos that introduce students to the school that may or may not have been in person, or even stepped foot in the school since the pandemic started in March 2020. 

In an attempt to bring students and faculty together, and show them what it’s like to be a Falcon, these students are making short video segments to show regularly on the school’s daily announcements.

 One such idea was for students to interview some of the alumni teachers, or teachers who attended the school and came back to teach. The “Tradition” video’s purpose was to show some of the Falcon school traditions still carried out today.

“My classmates and I were brainstorming fun ways to introduce students to our faculty and what it means to be a Falcon,” SCA member and junior Erin Bailey said.

Journalism students will continue to work with SCA throughout the year, creating short informational videos that teach younger students the Falcon way.

According to SCA sponsor Mrs. Shumate, most students around the school can’t even name their guidance counselor or principal, and this is our way of educating them through a variety of clubs and students. We thought this would be a more positive way to reach all students as we return to full face-to-face learning.

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