Senior Falcon Katie Gen expresses determination, successful season ending

Senior Katie Gen is a first time player on the school’s tennis team.  Gen moved last summer during the pandemic from California to Virginia Beach and despite prior restrictions on sports, clubs and all activities, she is now making a difference as Falcon tennis player.

Gen currently plays in the number two spot in singles matches and plays in the number one spot in doubles with sophomore Denise Cooney.  Now as the team is in regional play, she has proven herself to be an asset and key member of the team. 

Q: How long have you played tennis?

A: “I have been playing tennis since I was four years old, so almost 15 years.”

Q: How did you get into it?

A: “My brother started playing when he was three and I wanted to be as cool as him.”

Q: What motivates you to keep playing tennis?

A: “Watching the professionals play is definitely my motivation.  I also have so much fin on the court, which is why I’m out there everyday.”

Q: Do you have a favorite memory from this year’s season?

A: “Yes, our first match against Ocean Lakes we needed one more match to win.  I was in a 3rd set tie-break with my opponent and won 11-9.  This is a super close score in tennis.  The whole team was cheering me on at the fence and went crazy at the end of the match.  Best match ever.”

Q: How has being on the tennis team changed your time here as a Falcon?

A: “Only being at Cox for a year, I wanted to do everything I could to start getting involved.  Tennis helped me out a bunch and I’ve made amazing friends this season.  I also love the school spirit presented at sports teams here.”

Q: What do you hope to achieve by the end of this season? 

A: “States Baby!  I hope as a double team with Denise Cooney and as a full team we make it to states and have another Falcon championship.”