Boo Bash presents cupcake wars

Culinary Arts teacher Amy Goodman and Tech. Ed. teacher Don Bouch and their students teamed up to create a fun food-inspired booth for Boo Bash, complete with deliciously decorated treats that were delicately placed in wooden coffins. Culinary students also baked plain cupcakes for children attending the event to frost and decorate. The objective was to determine which child could be decorate the most creative cupcake.

“I think this is such a great way for students to get involved with school-sponsored charity events,” Goodman said.

Junior Koa McCloud is a first year culinary student and was pivotal in making the cupcake booth happen.

“At first, I took culinary just to eat all of the good food we make. But, after participating in Boo Bash, I have truly gained a new perspective on this class and how I can be involved,” McCloud said.