Kavon James dribbles, shoots through senior year

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The varsity boys basketball team celebrated their seniors on Friday, February 8, to recognize the many successful and special seniors that will move on after graduation in June. 

Kavon “K.J.” James is one of the seniors recognized last week, who has been a dominant presence on the court  throughout his four years on the team. James will continue playing ball in the fall at Lynchburg University. 

Q: How did your role on the team change when you became a senior?

A: “After junior year I became more of a leader figure on the team for the younger team members.  They view me as a role model and I try to make them better so they can have a senior year like I did.”

Q: What are some goals and concepts Coach Wolfe puts an emphasis on during the season?

A: “[He emphasized] that had the potential to make it to Regionals and playoffs again like we did last year, and then making it to states again. He wants to make sure the players keep their heads in tough games and to stay positive even in tough situations.”

Q: What are some goals you have as an individual player?

A: “I’m looking to win a state championship before the end of my senior year. And I hope to reach  my one thousandth point.”

Q: What was the record you recently broke in the VA prep series tournament?

A: “I broke the record for making the most 3-pointers in a game at the tournament. I made eight 3-point shots in that game.”

Q: How did breaking this record make you feel?

A: “It showed me how hard I worked and how much my off-season work also helped me break this record.”

Q: When did you decide to play in college?

A: “When I first started playing basketball, it was always my goal to play in college.” 

Q: I know you signed to Lynchburg University. What made you choose this school?

A. “I wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t too far from home and I love the mountains around Lynchburg.”

Q: What are you looking forward to most about playing basketball in college?

A: “I really just want to go to college for an education and I wanted to play somewhere I would be comfortable.  They have a good team and are looking to get into the playoffs soon. I hope to be a part of the team’s success in the future.

Q: How do you think playing basketball in college is going to shape your future?

A: “It will get me ready for the next level, whatever that may be and will keep me in shape throughout college.”