#Lunchbag charity event returns, helping those in need during holiday season

STUDENTS PACK LUNCHES in an assembly line style to maximize efficiency. Clubs and organizations were eager to make the most amount of lunches.
(Amelia Keck)

SCA sponsored the first #lunchbag event in over two years due to what seems to be the never-ending COVID pandemic.  This year’s event looked a bit different though as each of the participating groups were not packed into the cafeteria at the same time; rather, they were all assigned specific classrooms in which to bag their lunches.

The idea behind #lunchbag is for students and staff from various activities and clubs within the school to gather together and make bagged lunches for those in need during the holidays. Every group that participated was provided the materials, bags, food, etc. from sponsors in the community. Each bag included a sandwich, one healthy snack and one not so healthy snack. Besides the lunch itself, handwritten notes with positive, motivational quotes were included with each bag.

SCA Advisor Sabrina Shumate has been one of the sponsors for this event for years and was thrilled to bring back the program.

“The event is about more than just making lunches.  It serves as a way to bring people together and spread love throughout the community,” Shumate said.

To put a spin on the charity event, everyone who participated had exactly 30 minutes to make as many bags as possible. As an extra incentive, the group that packed the highest number of bags would win a pizza party, thus motivating Falcon participants to make 1,833 bagged lunches in total.

Varsity Swim and Dive teams took this information to heart, packing 399 lunches within 30 minutes time and won, well-deserved of course,  the coveted pizza party prize.