Recent updates made to campus

The school year opened with not only fresh coats of paint on the walls, but new updates, ideas and incentives proposed by Principal Dr. Kelly.

In effort to bring CHS back to its traditional roots, new “branding” for all sports and clubs took place.  By creating this new “brand”, the new falcon emblem and the same “C” used for all teams, clubs, etc., it is believed that the school becomes more unified and cohesive.

The chosen “C” originated from the Chicago Cubs logo and the school colors mirror those of William & Mary, where Frank W. Cox attended. The newly updated falcon adds a modern twist on a classic symbol that has represented the school for over 50 years.

According to Dr. Kelly, the falcon can be manipulated to represent different teams and clubs, but it all relates back to a common theme and his vision for the school year.

Falcon Press Editors Audra Chaffinch and Lindsey Hunt were lucky enough to meet with Dr. Kelly as he explained the newest changes.

And where Dr. Kelly is spotted, the Falcon Fanatic is sure to follow. Hunt spoke with the Fanatic as he “fanatically” discussed the school’s new unified team motto, “tradition”.

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