Falcon football reaches second round regional play

THE FALCONS GET ready to return the field kick. The Falcons returned the field kick near the 50 yard line. (Ethan Casey)

After beating the Kellam Knights at their final away game of the season with a score of 31-6, the Falcons dove in to win once again in the the first round of regional play last Friday against the Bayside Marlins.

Key Player(s):  In the second quarter. senior Jordin Cooper caught a touchdown pass from junior quarterback Gage Trefry. Junior Gerard Johnson led the defense and contributed to the cause with two tackles for losses.

Quote: “The coaches emphasize the little things we needed to work on all week during practice, so when playoffs kick in everyone works harder during the game to advance to play another week,” Cooper said

Key moments: In the fourth quarter, sophomore Max Palmerton scored a touchdown on the 2-yard line, ending the game with a Falcon ‘W’.

Up next:  Falcons enter the semi-final regional game against the Chiefs of Kempsville High School on Friday, November 18, at 7 p.m. to face the second round of regional play for the first time in more than a decade.