CHS welcomes new teachers

This school year, there are a multitude of new faces around the halls, including new teachers in a variety of subjects. For students who want to get to know the incoming teachers, it’s important to venture across the school to become acquainted with them.

A few of the newcomers share what subject they teach, where they attended college, as well as a fun fact about themselves. All of our new teachers were thrilled to introduce themselves and are looking forward to getting to know their students. 

Please welcome new Falcon teachers this school year:

  • Lora Marlar- English 
  • Amanda Rapay- English
  • Joseph Ziropolo- Math
  • Laura Tyler- Social Studies
  • Gregg Norquist- Social Studies    
  • Austin Rosecrans- Special Education

Not pictured:

  • Lyndsey Berry- Special Education
  • Sehriban Acikgoz- Science