Falcons share holiday traditions

Falcon faculty, students, and staff show their diversity by participating in a variety of holiday traditions whether they celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or something else. Each family has traditions they follow each year to show their holiday spirit. Falcons discuss their own traditional secrets: 

Junior Elliot France– going to my grandmas house on Christmas Eve

Environmental Science Teacher Gretchen Teed– making cookies

Sophomore Madeline Mascitti–  drinking hot chocolate

Junior Blake Everman– watching the Grinch with my family

Senior Rhyan Moran– spinning the dradle

Sophomore Josh Provencher– watching football

Senior Rebecca Kilby– making cookies with my family

Freshman Joseph Jones– going to see the christmas lights on Christmas Eve

Senior Brynn Brazukas– opening letters that the “elf” leaves her

Freshman Emily Beech– ice skating with my family

Sophomore Macyn Houlihan– making cookies

Junior Caroline Holland– making sugar cookies and decorating them with my family

Junior William Moorehead– opening presents

Senior Stephen– watching Elf with my family

Junior Adrianna Hartman– opening a present on Christmas Eve

Algebra Teacher Bryce Rountree– going to Christmas town with my family before the holiday begins

Junior Joshua Childers– decorating the house

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