Q & A: Coach Stach makes school football history

Coach Bill Stachelski recently completed his 11th season as the Falcon’s varsity football team’s head coach with a record of 9-3. He led the Falcons to their first playoff win since 2015, defeating the Bayside Marlins at home.

The mental preparation and physical demands he has placed on his teams over the years have ultimately led to many successful outcomes.  And, with this season’s win over the Chiefs of Kempsville High School, Coach “Stach” earned the title of the most “winningest” coach in the school’s history.

Q: When did you first start coaching at Cox High school and were you named head coach immediately or did you work your way up to that accomplishment?

A:”I started coaching in 2000 as a junior varsity football assistant. The next year my former high school coach, Steve Allosso, awarded me as defensive coordinator.”

Q: When did you become the head coach of the Falcons and what was the transition like from being on staff to more of a leadership role?

A: “Once Coach Allosso relocated up North, I became the head coach in 2008. I coached various positions while on staff so coaching all of them as a head coach came naturally.”

Q: To whom or what do you attribute the Falcon’s most recent success?

A: “I always credit the players and the assistant coaches as well. I think that we have administratively-sound, organized, and motivated program. Our players work through most of the year to yield successful results.”

Q: What do you think molds together not only the team, but the coaching staff as well?

A: “I think being unified under one goal keeps our coaching staff and players in the same mindset. There’s always a new feat to be reached so we adjust our goals each year.”

Q: What were your first thoughts upon finding out that you were the “winning-est” coach in Cox history?

A: “I really didn’t care at the time, an individual achievement during the season didn’t distract us from our team goals and desires. I’m honored to be recognized for the achievement but I’m very team oriented.”

Q: Now that you have accomplished this goal, have you set future goals and expectations for not only yourself, but the team?

A: “As far as the team goes, we still have yet to win the region or play in a state championship game and we want to do both of those things. Individually, I always strive to get better as a coach and person each year. Being a coach for 19 years allows you to reflect upon the achievements and failures to look forward to the future.”

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