May’s Parlor: where beachy vibes mix with European café feeling

A few days ago, I went to  May’s Parlor, a small café located on the Oceanfront, for the first time. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 7 a.m. – 2 p.m., which fits the menu perfectly

The atmosphere in May’s Parlor is cozy and comfortable. It is actually a small house with some seating inside and more seating outside, which is nice when the weather’s warm. I think the small amount of seating gives it a real small-town café feeling, which is super nice even though it’s a café in a larger town.

The café offers breakfast and lunch, along with an assortment of pastries and beverages drinks. I personally love their chai latte, which has a distinct taste of apple and cinnamon that most other chai lattés do not have. Their poppy seed lemon scone is fantastic as well, but it had more of a neutral taste because the lemon was in the icing instead of the scone. When eating the icing with the scone though, it tasted wonderful.

Their pricing is not super expensive, but not cheap either. Their breakfast and lunch cost a bit more than the pastries and beverages which makes sense as lunch is a bigger meal. Their most expensive dish is $13 and their least expensive is $2.75

Along with the pastries May’s Parlor also sell lunch and breakfast. A good choice for lunch would be the Rustic Kale Caesar Salad. It’s a Caesar salad with a twist that makes it even more fresh and delicious. For breakfast I recommend the Roasted Veggie Sandwich because it is filled with vegetables which is a healthier alternative to regular cereal.

The service is acceptable; they don’t come around and serve the food or drinks but instead just hand it to you over the counter, so it’s more a serve yourself type of experience. I personally prefer it that way because it means that whatever is ordered comes out of the kitchen quickly.

May’s Parlor is a fabulous and welcoming little café that gives off beachy vibes mixed with French café vibes. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who likes quality food at amid-level price, along with tasty pastries and chai lattés.