Letters to the Editor: Students send copycat threats, social media

Dear Editor,

School shootings are a major threat to the safety of our schools and students. In writing the article. you have spread light on the topic. As a student who recently witnessed a shooting threat, it is fair to say that the anxiety and fear for your life is real. When students spread rumors and change information, it not only increases fear in the students, but the parents as well. Social media is a great way to spread awareness. However, it is one of the leading causes of mass mania. I don’t believe there is much we can do to resolve this. A shooting threat is terrifying, and the safety of our schools is one of the most important things.

Sydney L. ~ junior

Dear Editor,

With the surge in copycat threats and school shootings, your concern is understandable. But telling students to tell a trusted adult instead may not be as helpful as you think. Even if students tell their parents, fear and panic is still likely to follow. Parents can also cause panic and spread rumors, and not telling your child at all will cause more problems. With situations like these, the only solution is to shut it down. If you’re really concerned, cancelling school so there’s no chance for anything might be in favor. 

Yasmin B. ~ freshman 

Dear Editor, 

 I am writing this to you as ‘copy-cat’ threats take all schools across the U.S. by storm. With new posts being made left and right, more and more people, specifically students, are becoming more worried to attend schools. Being in school during the height of school violence is incredibly worrisome, and there are some days I fear coming to school. When threats do occur, I find myself being aware that it’s probably fake, but you can’t help but think otherwise. Over the past year, being on virtual school, schools across the country noticed a large decrease in the number of school shootings and subsequent copycat threats. This brought me slight comfort to know that I was safe in my own home, but we had to come back to school eventually. So, now we’re left with what to do. Though it causes extreme anxiety and panic, it’s very important that when copycat threats arise, that they are controlled and stopped swiftly. Schools boards, parents, and students need to band together to stop all acts of violence so we can create a better overall learning environment. 

Christine P. ~sophomore

Dear Editor, 

I am reaching out because of the copycat article. I think you said everything that needed to be said and I couldn’t agree more. However, I think you skipped a small issue. When kids share the post to others making it a larger problem, they are also giving it more attention. These threats can be made for several reasons, but gaining attention is one of the main ones. You spoke briefly about encouraging students to not share these threats, but I think you missed the part that that is the solution. By kids not sharing it and taking it straight to the authorities, the threat doesn’t get the attention and the problem is dealt with in a controlling manner. Without stressing this point, I felt as though your article was unfinished.

Sophie G. ~ freshman

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