Letters to the Editor: “Cancel culture” de-platforms celebrities through social media

Dear Editor, 

I agree with the argument your article presents because I too feel that cancel culture needs to be maintained in a more orderly and professional fashion. The people who throw claims about willy-nilly and band together to cancel someone, then just forget about it the next day do not prove effective at all. It is a silly and childish way of dealing with serious matters and I believe that the impression it gives to the younger generation is formidably negative. Cancel culture helps children think that it is right to pull and pick at someone who has barely made any serious problems. While there are certain cases that are necessary to be canceled, most are not and it saddens me to see these influencers being treated like a different species, like they are incapable of feeling what the general population feels. In conclusion, I think your article supports a wonderful cause and cancel culture should either be improved or be gotten rid of fully. 

Ava N. ~ sophomore  

Dear Editor, 

I most certainly agree that under the most egregious circumstances it is important to cancel, or remove the works of that publicized person, but only in those cases do I find it necessary. I believe that depending on the severity of the situation that has come out from this highly publicized person should determine whether or not cancelling is the morally correct thing to do coming from the people that make up the cancel culture. These days as humans we have the tendency to soften up when offended and take matters into our own hands and I feel almost as if that is the cause of cancel culture. It seems to me that when people are offended by the actions of someone who is widely known, they take that opportunity and band together to de-platform the creator out of their reach. Basically, now that the internet is so advanced, information is spread in the blink of an eye and everyone who agrees to cancel someone for something they did is almost as if they were a cult that tears people down. I find that in some situations it is extremely unnecessary, and egregious that the people of cancel culture do what they do considering the low severity of the circumstances that actually took place. I also agree that, if used for good, cancel culture could become a good thing if we only use it to our advantage if necessary against very egregious actions. Not saying it is a good thing now but hopefully it could be changed for the better. 

Max M. ~ sophomore

Dear Editor, 

I agree and disagree with this article. I agree that it can be helpful for people on social media to know what exactly the celebrity did that made them get targeted. I also agree that it can be a post educating experience and that this can make a real impact. I disagree with saying that the celebrities need this because it can be very hurtful to them and can make the celebrity disappointed. When people tell others on social media to stop supporting a celebrity, he are she can lose confidence and you could ruin their career. 

Michael F. ~ junior

Dear Editor, 

I disagree with what you’re saying, but I see what you mean by writing this article. The reason I disagree is because if celebrities did something bad or make a discriminating comment or things like that, I feel like they should be called out by people. I also disagree with your statement that calling people out isn’t making a difference, because it is and people’s voices are powerful, and can destroy celebrities’ careers. On the other hand, I see what you mean about cancel culture being too much and blaming innocent people . That’s a reason why it can also be a thing we should be very careful about. 

Ellen V. ~ freshman

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