Shore Drive’s Delta Hotel brings tasty treats to the beach

The newly renovated Delta Hotel by Marriott recently opened up on Shore Drive, but has been in the works for quite the time. The nine story establishment now includes 295 rooms, and an astounding Chesapeake Bay Front view that includes a private beach for the guests to enjoy. 

The hotel introduces a fresh, modern look to the Bay by including creative designs throughout the building. Furthermore, the decor and design of the hotel blends in with the relaxing, calm Bayfront view. The Delta also has its own “Tin Cup” Oyster Bar, and perhaps one of the most appealing features,  the American Cafe 2800 coffee shop that offers freshly made donuts every morning.

The Cafe itself is cozy and vibrant, and includes various chairs and sofas that create a relaxing environment. The little shop includes several a variety of smoothies, coffees, deli sandwiches, muffins, and even a built in Starbuck’s. Then, once the food order is received, customers have the choice to sit on the large sofa area by the fire, or on the tall stools near the granite countertop that lines the outer building.

My friend and I, junior Trey Sterling decided to take the opportunity to sample what we heard were delicious mini-donuts.

These tasty treats are made daily in house and offer three flavors: dragon fruit, chocolate, and cinnamon.  Trey and I had the chance to taste all three and despite the fact that each were so small, they were still extremely delicious and made us want to eat more. The dragonfruit donut was our personal favorite, since it generated many different vibrant flavors all at once. It smelled like a sweet fruit, and tasted like a sugary kiwi. The cinnamon one tasted just like an Aunt Annie’s pretzel bite, and although the chocolate one was fairly plain, it still tasted good.

“The dragonfruit flavor tasted like a firework went off in your mouth, I’ve never tasted a donut so unique,” Trey said.

The donuts didn’t taste like an average dried out, several days old donut; but rather, it tasted like a fresh, succulent treat that excites one’s taste buds. Each donut had a nice, thick consistency that didn’t taste anything like some other donuts in a shop located down the street.

On top of the impeccable donut flavors, the service was incredible. Every worker at the shop had a smile from ear to ear and the wait was minimal. And, like many other customers that were pleased with these tasty little treats,  were also surprised to find out they were only $2 for three of them.

“The moment I bit into the donut my tastebuds started dancing; I’m also excited this hotel has brought a fresh new look to the Bayfront area,” customer Matt Jones said.