Letters to the editor: Legalization of marijuana

Dear Editor,

I disagree with the editorial because I feel that it will cause many more problems to occur. Legalizing marijuana can be very dangerous and can cause several people to die due to addiction. Therefore, it should be used for medical purposes only.

-9th grader, Olivia H.

Dear Editor,
I agree that marijuana should be legalized because then people who do hard drugs that are more addicting can still get high, but not being addicted to something and they can’t stop it. Marijuana has less harmful side affects than all the other hard drugs also. If marijuana was legalized then many people would use it for relaxation to enjoy, not to be a stoner anymore. Also, less crimes would be dealt with because lots of them are “weed” related.

-11th grader, Costas D.

Dear Editor,

I don’t think marijuana should be legalized unless it is only used for medical purposes. So many people in our country use this for recreational purposes, which should not occur. This has already become a major problem with teenagers using marijuana for recreational purposes. Not only are these teens using it, they are also getting addicted to it like any other drug. So, by legalizing it, marijuana will only be easier for people to obtain it for the wrong purposes.

-11th grader, Maddie M.

Dear Editor,

I agree with the editorial because marijuana legalization’s benefits outweigh the “bad.” It could halt opiod addiction and has many medicinal benefits. The government is basing its opinions on stigma and stereotype instead of facts and statistics. The punishment is so harsh that those with weed attempting to help someone medicinally could be sentenced for life. It is not as dangerous as other drugs.

-11th grader, Elaine S.

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