“Mr. Cox” contestants rev their engines, gear up for competition

Eleven of the school’s most eligible seniors battled it out, with their own particular ‘talent’ to see who would take home the crown of best “T-Bird”, for this year’s “Mr. Cox” event. For the last 20 years, “Mr. Cox” has been held as a way to celebrate senior guys and give both, their female escorts and the competitors, a memorable night to take with them for the rest of their lives.

The Grease-themed competition took place in the auditorium last Friday evening and consisted of group performances, solo talents, solo interviews, and one big group dance. 

The night was kicked off by all of the guys participating in one big group dance to the Grease theme song. All of the contestants were dressed up in their custom T-shirts and boogied to a routine choreographed by senior Emily Smith. The guys rocked the stage and visibly blew the audience away. 

“It’s been a lot of hard work and time put in. Learning the opening dance was a feat, but the boys with no rhythm got it together,” one of the four finalists Tanner Bailey said.

Aside from the group dance, there were three other small, group performances including no hands smoothie making, Backstreet Boys renditions and world record breaking activities. Each group had their own strengths and, of course, weaknesses, but the crowd never fell short of a great laugh. 

Next, the boys showed off their individual talents. Talents ranged from ‘actual talent’ such as a poetry slam and singing, to dog whispering. But, each one never ceased to entertain. In the end , the four finalists including Bailey’s dog whispering, Dimitrios Komitis’s trumpet, Nate Unger’s poetry slam and Jack Davidson’s original song. 

Lastly, the four finalists were asked to come backstage and each was asked a secret question they in  which they had not prepared. 

Yet, the guys held their own, each one came out and took their swing at the question, “What is the biggest impact you’ve made in your society?”

All four finalists responded in their unique way; earning laughs from the audience and impressing all those in the auditorium. Once the final portion had been finished and points had been tallied, the winner was announced. 

Senior Jack Davidson won the honor as the new “Mr. Cox”. Davidson sang his way through the talent portion, grooved his way through group performances, and spoke beautifully to win himself his new title. Enthusiastic opponents swarmed around him, congratulating his efforts.

“It was a nice way to build memories with the boys this senior year. The process up to this point has been a blast,” Unger said.

 This unique and  diverse group of individuals seemingly gave everyone their $10 worth Friday night. And, as the curtains closed, the audience chanted Unger’s name in unison as the final curtains closed.  After all, it was his 18th birthday. Another “Mr. Cox” to add to the history books.

Special thanks go out to all the judges who came out, the Falcon Stage Company for all their hard work behind the scenes, and SCA sponsors Ms. Gillespie and Mrs. Nardelli. A special thanks goes out to junior Natalie Jones and senior Kylie Levine, who organized the event and put up with all eleven boys almost everyday after school, during one lunches, and behind the scenes.

Davidson was crowned by last years’s “Mr. Cox”, Frank Adams, who passed the crown amongst the audiences’applause.