Letters to the Editor: College Admissions Scandal

Dear Editor,

I completely agree that this, “Varsity Blue[s]” scandal needs to be put to a stop. The fact that the rich and wealthy were allowed to bribe schools in order to get their child into the school is [unjust]. No longer does hard work seem[s] to be the goal, instead; those who are wealthy get what they want while the middle class suffer[s]. I also agree that “college admissions representatives need to strip themselves of the false concepts that limit their scope.” Acceptance should be determined on academics and academics only.

~ Junior Maddie Brunick


Dear Editor,

I strongly hold my beliefs in natural selection[,] and I believe that in certain situations such as this it is applicable. Academic competition consumes youth to the point of exhaustion[,] and any opportunity to hedge an individual[‘]s bets should be acted upon without hesitation. The students accused of bribing and falsely posing as athletes are not disrupting the function or purpose of their institution nor provoking indifference among peers. The students guilty of this fraud should be punished accordingly, but I do not discourage the efforts made.

~ Junior Mac Wall


Dear Editor,

The college admissions scandal has truly shown the corruption of the upper class and the extent to which parents will get their children into a high caliber school for reputation. I agree with your viewpoint that they should have gone to jail and faced their consequences. Their actions were completely unfair to those that struggle to get into these schools based on merit. Especially when college admissions already favor the ridiculously wealthy that do not need financial aid and can easily pay tuition without making them broke.

~ Junior Alex Perez


Dear Editor,

I believe while yes college admissions should be based on academic and other facets of a teens life parents should be [allowed] to help a child get admitted to the school. If someone has raised enough wealth[,] then they should be able to spend it on their kids. It should be based on children[‘]s achievements[;] however enough people do it where a few should not be called out[,] but the [entirety] of colleges should be looked at.

~ Junior Finley Legg

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