Falcon Athletes reach out, spread positivity

John B. Dey and Trantwood Elementary Schools are younger division schools that will eventually feed students into Falcon hallways. So, current CHS students  have a responsibility to these children to prepare them for success later in life, as well as showing themselves as inspiring role models.

The Falcon baseball and field hockey teams, specifically, are striving to make this happen bu collaborating their time and effort to act as mentors..

Just before winter break, a group of upperclassmen baseball players went into the classrooms at Trantwood Elementary to read an anti-bullying story book, in order to hopefully combat a growing bullying problem in all schools throughout the country.

The athletes are able to see the difference they can make in the elementary school student’s lives after they read, as the elementary school students take what the athletes  say to heart. 

“It was great to read for the kids, I was with a kindergarten class,” senior baseball player Spencer Lambert said. “[The kids] all seemed to really enjoy it. I felt we made a difference because the team comradery showed the kids that just because we’re different, it doesn’t mean that we can’t all get along.”

On Monday, Jan.28, the field hockey and baseball teams will visit John B. Dey Elementary to once again spread their message.

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