Letters to the Editor: ‘screenagers’, becoming the new normal

Dear Editor,

I agree with your argument about how although, these achievements are beneficial to society, they can be detrimental to our mental health if overused. It was interesting to me that you pulled the facts about suicide rates because I did not realize that they skyrocketed so recently. I would’ve guessed that it occurred in the late ‘90s or early 2000s. I can tell that the kids who are growing up into this technology are in danger. Although we, as teenagers, are addicted, we didn’t have the same type of technology in elementary school so we might not be as effected.

~ Junior Sydney Hillier


Dear Editor,

I share your viewpoint that increased technology use is damaging our social skills. As stated in the article, communicating through a screen makes it much harder to develop strong relationships with each other. I believe technology is overall very beneficial to our society, but we must put more emphasis on face-to-face communication. Otherwise, the next generation of adults won’t know how to interact with each other.

~ Junior Edward Finman


Dear Editor,

I don’t appreciate you coming at my generation like that. However, I do believe you made some good points in favor of using technology in moderation. I think my parents are equally as addicted and society as a whole can’t blame just Generation Z.

~ Senior Corey Ronca


Dear Editor,

I completely agree with the argument made in this article because it is becoming a growing problem that kids in this generation are addicted to their technology. In fact, a lot of researchers are saying that the increasing screen time and the use of social media is similar to drug addiction. Also, I believe that it is so important to moderate our use of technology because it is not going to go away as it is an important part of our society.

~ Junior Alex Perez

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