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Lady Falcon Volleyball continues their healthy season and looks to finish strong. The girls are currently ranked #1 in the 6A division and hold a record of 14-3 to date. Senior captains Maddie Butkovich and Rachel Humphrey have high hopes about making it to the state championship this season. Juniors Maddie and Peyton Brunick are also key players on the court and add experience to a somewhat younger team.

Maddie Butkovich:

Q: What have been some key games or turning points this season?

A: “Princess Anne was a loss but still a big game because we played fluidly and as a team against tough competition. That loss gave us the motivation to beat #2 ranked First Colonial, a game expected to go into five sets.”

Q: Who has made some of the biggest contributions to the team this year?

A: “The Brunick twins dominate the outside hitter position and Junior Emily Johnson is our defensive leader at the Libero Position. Freshman Mackenzie Colvin has grown up early playing setter among a majority upper-class Falcons team.”

Q: How is the team gearing up for the upcoming play offs?

A: “We practice hard and focus on improving weaknesses of the team. We identify those weaknesses by watching film on our most recent games. The leaders of the team have emphasized the importance of accountability which has translated to the court.”

Rachel Humphrey:

Q: How has the season gone thus far?

A: “We have had a good start to the season and hope to use that good start as momentum into the post season. We have a state championship mindset and bring that goal into each and every game.”

Q: How has the team handled adversity so far in the season?

A: “After we took two losses to Princess Anne, we realized the parts of our game that needed to be improved. We watched film and practiced hard to make those improvements. We continued to win games and didn’t let those losses deter us from our goal of winning the state championship.”

Q: How has this season gone compared to your preseason predictions? 

A: “At the beginning of the season we were ranked 8th and we knew we were better than that. We are now ranked #1 in 6A and our culture has remained the same throughout.”

Maddie & Payton Brunick

Q: What volleyball teams have you played for?

A: “We have played volleyball for six years and we are currently playing travel volleyball for East Coast Volleyball Club (ECVC).”

Q: What is the difference between ECVC and high school volleyball?

A: “High school volleyball is way different compared to club volleyball mainly because it is generally played at a much faster pace. You are expected to play at a much higher level; it requires lots of dedication and you are playing with all different age groups.”

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