Falcon students listen to current, favorite tunes

JUNIORS GIANNA VISCONTI (left) and Evelyn Johnson (right) love SZA’s new album SOS. They agreed the best song on the piece is definitely “Low.”

With the new year comes new music, and several chart topping artists have dropped some long awaited tunes. Many Falcons enjoy the newest sounds, such as Mac DeMarco, SZA, and A$AP Rocky.  However, there also seems to be a resurgence of several older artists as well, many remixed from 90s ‘faves’, to include artists:  Mazzy Star and The Smiths. 

One of the more popular tunes students listen to in between classes and at home is from artist SZA, who dropped her second studio album, “SOS” in December of last year. Her smooth voice mixed with an R&B sound makes for relaxing music for studying. Juniors Gianna Visconti and Evelyn Johnson were both recently listening to the song “Low” off of the album.

While newly released music is certainly more prevalent, music from the 70s, 80s and 90s grunge bands, rap, alternative and reggae have once again risen to mainstream popularity due to social media platforms like TikTok.

“I recently have developed a greater appreciation for older artists, especially in the rock genre, because of the skill it takes to play and create the songs. That being said, Fleetwood Mac is my all time favorite artist,” senior Reeves Caporicci said.