“Elvis” shines, new spotlight on the king’s story

Saturday night I was sprawled out on my couch scrolling through multiple movies, looking for something to watch when I found the movie, Elvis. Its brightly colored title card stood out from the other dull looking pictures that HBO max was trying to offer up to viewers. Normally I try to stay away from movies about real people; fearing, that it would play too much like an informational video. I was, however, pleasantly surprised with the story of Elvis that the film was telling. 

This film dives into the music and life of Elvis Presley (Austin Butler), seen through the lenses of his turbulent relationship with manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). Spanning over 20 years, from his unpredictable star status, to his rise and almost fall to fame; awhile, civil rights and social justices are being fought for.  

Admittedly, I was among the masses that believed Austin Butler didn’t have what it took to portray the legend that is Elvis. Until this movie, the only role I’ve seen him play has been the hot guy love interest who is only there to serve as eye candy for the audience ,but in this film Butler breaks his norm and becomes the storyteller. His performance made me feel like I was right along with how well he conveyed emotional moments. When he cried, you could feel a tinge of sympathy for his hardships ,and you felt light and airy when he achieved.  

The musical performance left me breathless, leaving me in heavy anticipation for the next. The heart of this film is the music and you can tell with the way it was filmed. Bright lights and quick camera movements made you pay close attention and got you excited for each scene

The costumes help further the storytelling by representing a character’s journey; for example, as Elvis’s career takes off, his clothes become more exotic and more of an act than what he used to wear which made him look like a human. 

It’s very apparent that this movie is a cautionary tale about staying to your roots. Throughout  the movie, you see Elvis listen more to what people want from him instead of being confident in himself. This turns him into an act who’s lost itself in the opinions and wants of others.

 I fully recommend this film to anyone who loves the show that’s Elvis’s life ,or, a heartfelt story of a man finding himself again after hitting rock bottom.