Coquettes dance squad participates as club, not a sport

The multi-awarding winning school dance team, the “Coquettes” along with every other team has had their season put on pause.  While other sports such as wrestling, swim, and cheer have been allowed to participate in normal activities even with Covid, the Coquettes are not allowed to appear at sporting events mainly because the team is not recognized as a sport, but rather as a “club.” 

“I don’t feel it’s fair that we have to pay out of pocket for our fundraisers and uniforms when we put as much time and effort into our events just like any other sport,” senior Captain Taylor Thompson said. 

The Coquettes have been around since 1990 and perform at major sporting events.  During halftime at football and basketball games, the team performs a routine.  They also partake in pep-rallies, competitions, and student fundraising.  The dedicated dancers practice eight hours a week and prepare at least 10 dances to entertain the school’s students. 

According to Head Coach Stephanie Craft, the hard work and crazy amount of time the team and athletes put in makes us true varsity athletes, therefore should be considered a sport.  Especially when we compete against other teams and win.  The Coquettes are more like a family, you guys become more than just teammates or friends.

The Coquettes also have a five year 1st place record against other teams in the state allowing them to be a recognizable force.  For all the time and effort given by these dancers, they do not get uniforms, competition fees, and funding help from the school.  And, because the Coquettes are not recognized as a sport, each dancer must pay a handful of money up front to be on the team.  Coquettes have flown under the radar for too long not being recognized as a sport.  A dedicated team with dedicated members are not receiving support, or financial aid from their school.  Though the future of the Coquette Dance Team is unknown, dancers are hopeful for their recognition as a sport.  

“I think we have been considered a club for so long because we are only seen as spirit leaders and entertainment, people don’t see the effort we put in as a team to look good and represent our school,” Thompson said.