How-to: DIY holiday gifts on a budget

People everywhere are still scrambling, and will continue to scramble through holiday eves to gather gifts for loved ones. And, among those people that are scrambling are jobless teenagers who don’t have quite enough money to spend on elaborate gifts for friends and family.

According to The New York Times, psychologists, anthropologists, economists and marketers have all found that giving gifts is a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction, helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends.

So, it’s no surprise that teens feel “bad” when they don’t have the means to give unto others, as they would like.

The most convenient solution then is to create meaningful handmade gifts from materials found at home. 

One simple and sentimental gift for the holidays could be personalized coasters. After all, who doesn’t need a coaster every once in a while. In order to make these coasters, pictures can be printed on regular printer paper and placed face down on a wooden coaster. Next, Modge Podge can be applied; then set aside to dry. Once the coaster is finished drying, the photo transfer should be complete. The printer paper can be peeled back and the selected image will be left behind on the coaster. This effortless DIY craft is a perfect and unique gift for someone special.

An additional and less demanding gift idea is to make your own candle. The candle-making process is generally quick and simple, but a clean surface is necessary. First, the wax should be measured to the appropriate size and melted. After melting the wax, add any fragrance in order to set the tone and smell of the candle. Then, secure the wick and pour in the wax. Voila the candle is prepared for gifting.

For more DIY gift ideas, check out the Falcon Press Pinterest Board.


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