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Letters to the editor: What can we do to prevent school shootings?

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Dear Editor,

I completely agree with every single opinion you placed in this editorial. I believe it is so unreasonable that today’s society looks at school shootings as a normal occurrence. Like you stated in your article, no shooting situation should be normal. As I was reading this, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that since 2015, there has been an average of 1 shooting a week on a school or college campus. Shootings should not be occurring this often. Ever since the Stoneman Douglass High School shooting, I think our country has finally realized that this needs to stop. Enough is enough.

~Katherine Harriman, Sophomore


Dear Editor,

I agree with your statement that school shootings have become desensitized in America. It feels as if there is a repetitive cycle that occurs after every school shooting and no real change has come of it. It is inspiring to see high school kids my own age making such a big difference in the political arena. I also agree that it is extremely important to encourage teenagers to vote in the mid-term elections. While it is important to post on social media, and attend marches, voting makes a much larger impact and is crucial to the future of gun-control legislation.

~Laurel Wilson, Junior


Dear Editor,

I agree that there needs to be political action in order to change the national crisis of school shootings. The only way Congress will support the changes necessary for the country’s school systems to be safe is if the the individuals of society don’t let this movement’s momentum die. Constant calls to congressional representatives, rallies, advertisements, and social media support will stop the movement from being ignored. Voting is also a vital step in this process and I agree that just showing up to vote is a step in the right direction. This issue can no longer stay on the back burner; whether it is mental health laws, gun control, or improvements in school safety, something has to change. Now.

~Anna Mason, Junior


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Letters to the editor: What can we do to prevent school shootings?