Library art mural showcased after five years

The Library Art Mural, revealed this week at the Teacher of the Year faculty meeting, came into existence in 2018, but was not finished until this week due to COVID Pandemic setbacks and restrictions.

Art Teacher Mrs. Van Veenhuyzen and her National Art Honor Society (NAHS) students had taken the lead in completing this work of art. Due to pandemic restrictions and everyday life during the pandemic, however, the project was put on hold for more than two years.  The project was also highly detailed so a quick completion of the mural was not doable.

The school’s Library Media Center has constantly evolved since the construction of the Library Art Mural began.

In 1961, this section of the library was a Reference Section which contained novels that helped students excel in the research process. As libraries became more modernized across the city, the reference section section became less of a necessity, so it was condensed and replaced with a teaching area that also housed computers for students. Once students began using Chromebooks, the current Principal Dr. Kelly removed the computers and there was much more extra room than ever before.

The library modernization left this wall of the Library Media Center as nothing more than a blank wall; that blank wall remained blank for two-three years. Then, five years later, conversations were had and the administration decided to put something on it. They wanted a mural that would give the library a more classic atmosphere, and to give it a more ‘cozy’ feel. Thus, NAHS students got to work.

“After five long years that included two years of COVID, we have an amazing product in our Library Media Center that all of Cox can be proud of,” Kelly said.

Painted on the mural is a collection of approved English Curriculum novels such as Paradise Lost by John Milton and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

According to Art Teacher Mrs. Van Veenhuyzen, she is proud of her students, past and present that stepped up to assist in the project development. She was glad that the project brought the focus back to the books, she was elated that after all of this time it was finally over.