“Friday Jams” rocks Falcon country

Social Studies teacher Ms. Torrence recently started a “Friday Jams” session, which she holds in her classroom, 229, each Friday during One Lunch.  During this time, students are offered the opportunity to bring in their own instruments and basically “rock out” during the 50 minute period and to give musicians, who may not be involved in other clubs or sports within the school, a safe space to let them relax and be themselves. 

“One of the main reasons why I started Friday Jams is because I love music and it is a great way to get students involved in something within the school,” Torrence said.

The idea came to her when she noticed how many students were by themselves in the hallway during One Lunch and instead of just sitting, thought it would be a great idea for these students to come together each Friday to play music and to make friends with students they might not otherwise come into contact with during a regular school day. 

Thus, “Friday Jams” was born. Now, like-minded students come to Torrence’s room with mostly a variety of guitars, whether they are electric, bass or acoustic.  

Junior Bryce Collins plays the electric guitar during “Friday Jams” and believes it gives students the opportunity to not only “jam” out during One Lunch, but gives them a brain break and something “different” to do.  Upon first hearing  about “Friday Jams” he looked forward to participating and becoming a part of this community of musicians.

“I love music, it’s basically my whole life; I’ve been playing music since I was four. This opportunity is new, is a great idea and I look forward to it each week,” Collins said.