Art students visit local art hot spots

courtesy of Jessica Van Veenhuyzen
ART FOUNDATION STUDENTS take a field trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art during the school day. The students were able to experience professional art and apply it to their own skills sets.

It’s no secret that Mrs. Van Veen huyzen’s art students are often privy to field trips, visiting as many local exhibits as possible during the school year and even into the summer.

Last week was no exception as Mrs. Van V’s Art Foundations classes visited the Contemporary Art Museum (MOCA) near the VB Oceanfront to observe Michael Kagan’s Space Art Exhibit, as well as the “Beyond the Block” exhibit, featuring work by Virginia Beach inmates.

Students also had the opportunity to view the “Charged” exhibit that featured interactive pieces, allowing them to make their own zoetrope, a device that produces the illusion of movement.

Art students also visited the Virginia Beach Arts Center where they could observe and talk with real working artists in a private gallery space, as well as the VA Beach VIBE district to take in murals that represent local culture. ​This was a great opportunity for the rising artists to become inspired by others artwork and build strong relationships with each other.

“So many of our students have not seen the amazing art happening in our own district. It was really cool to see them excited about the murals; taking pictures and just having fun. Getting out of the classroom gives kids a chance to see and experience what’s happening in their own community.” said Mrs. Van Veenhuyzen

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