Classes go head-to-head, hallway decorating competition

Throughout the two weeks preceding Homecoming, there are numerous festivities students can participate in such as hallway and door decorating, float building, a bonfire, a football game, and finally, the Homecoming dance.

And, as pre-Homecoming preparations begin, many ‘contests’ are separated by grade level and/or sport or club.  This year’s seniors are obviously the Class of 2020 and will have their own hallway to decorate, their own float to build, etc, while Journalism students and other clubs and sports will decorate classroom doors.

“Hallway decorating is an amazing way to bring people together to get everyone excited about homecoming and the year ahead of us,”  junior class president Eli France said.

Per Homecoming rules, each Class, club, or sport then can spend weekdays after school utilizing their creativity and artistic abilities to make their hallway, door, or float look the best. Winners of each contest are the announced at the Homecoming game on Friday, Oct. 11.

The theme for hallway decorating this year is “Soaring into the Spotlight.” Sticking with this theme, everyone participating must decorate using old style Hollywood glitz and glamour, using various movie genres and themes.


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