Career Direction presentation offers MREs, Culinary Arts

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Spencer Goodman
CULINARY ARTS STUDENTS take the opportunity to sample Meals Ready to Eat during their ‘Career Direction’ presentation. Army Staff Sergeant Shawn Bartz gave an interactive presentation about life after high school in Mrs. Goodman’s class.

VA Army National Guard Career Counselor and Recruiter Staff Sergeant Shawn Bartz visited Mrs. Goodman’s Culinary Arts Class to give a ‘Career Direction’ interactive presentation covering life in the career field of one’s choice, as well as the skills needed for life after high school. The program itself is geared toward upper classmen, or students who will graduate this year,  although all students could benefit from Bartz’s advice regarding interviews, resume writing, and additional training.

As the ‘Career Direction’ presentation was given in Culinary Arts and Bartz is a member of the military, he took the opportunity to offer students a sample of Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), enabling students to experience how food is prepared and eaten in ‘the field’.

According to Goodman, the main goal of the presentation is to prepare students with knowledge that will help them become functioning members of society after high school, whether they choose to attend college, move on to job/vocational training, or to enter the military.


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