Holiday gifting guide gives ideas, more traditional and practical gifts

With the gift giving season fast approaching, the pressure is on to find the perfect gift. Some might believe that the best gifts come with a hefty price tag, when in reality some of the best gifts can  be under $100.

Picking out the perfect gift can seem like a challenge this close to the holidays, but by pairing fashion, function, and a budget, it can be done in no time by following this holiday gift guide. And, the gifts on this list transcend the unused coffee cup sitting in the cupboard or the board game on a shelf collecting dust; this guide can assist anyone find the perfect gift that won’t end up at Goodwill.

Though some people might like to drop a couple hundred dollars on a gift for their favorite loved one, it isn’t always the most attainable way to shop, particularly for those on a budget.

Finding a gift under $25 seems like the way to go when on a budget, yet when the gift is actually bought it can feel rushed and not personal. For the “Type A” friend, finding a practical, yet personal gift is always the goal. But with only $20 in hand, it might seem overwhelming to find that perfect gift.

Papier, a luxury stationery company based in London, has custom leather notebooks on sale for only $15. If a personalized notebook isn’t the gift in mind, Bombas, an up-and-coming sustainable wool brand, has some super comfortable Merino wool socks for just $20. Both of these gifts will put a smile on any loved ones face, and it doesn’t break the bank.

“When you’re lost with an idea on what to get a friend, finding something that’s practical and elevated, like a nice pair of wool socks, is so much more thoughtful than a basic pack of Hanes,” senior Elyse Unger said.

If one’s budget is a bit more for this year’s gift shopping, the perfect sweet spot for gift buying lies in the $25 to $50 range. Living away from home can be difficult for anyone, so for any state-foreign friends a Homesick candle would be the perfect gift for them. Homesick is a hand-made candle company that is best known for their “United States State-themed” candles, which all have scents based on one of the 50 states. This gift is a very versatile gift as it can be customizable to every friend that its gifted to.

“I would say for a gift $25-$50 is the best range! I feel like you can find better quality things without them being super flaky and I feel like there’s more meaning,” sophomore Asher Mueller said.

If a candle isn’t the perfect gift for this holiday season, a warm winter beanie from North Face might be perfect option. As each day becomes cooler outdoors, it is important to stay comfortable. So, a soft and stylish hat to go with any outfit may be more practical than it seems. 

Some people in our lives may be “worth more” in our eyes; however, finding a practical gift under $100 may seem challenging. Phones nowadays have clocks that show the time at a glance; however, a classic wristwatch without a digital face is still a timeless and convenient option. Fossil has some of the most wonderfully crafted and affordable watches on the market, so this leather strapped watch can be the perfect gift for family and friends who may be more traditional.

For the more fashion forward friend, a pair of the trending Tasman slippers from Ugg is an amazing option. These slipper are good for inside and out, making them one of the more functional gifts on this list.

At the end of the day, gifts might be a big topic of discussion during the holiday season, but as long as a gift is given with thought and good intention, it will be appreciated.