Students, teachers finish song lyrics from their generation

Whether it’s Classic Rock, Indie, or even Country, students and teachers alike have varying opinions about each genre of music that has evolved over the decades. And just as they have a variety of choices in their ‘musical vault’, they also come from different generations, enjoying and remembering lyrics from their ‘formative’ years. 

These musical trends are often derived from historical events. Therefore, as technology progresses, it has been made more easily accessible for the newer generations. The music that students are listening to now, has obviously evolved from what faculty and staff members listened to when they were younger. Most music is centered around the events at the time the songs were created, and often tells the story of the time.

In order to test certain knowledge of different songs originating from different decades and genres, students and teachers were challenged to a game of “Finish the Lyrics”.  To score a point for their team, they were asked to sing/recite the proper lyrics after the music was paused. Songs used were chosen from an Apple music playlist entitled ” Sing Songs”, in which the songs range from 90s hits to present day. 


Officer Moran- Back to Black, ACDC

Ms. Moresco- Last Friday Night, Katy Perry

Mr. Ellis- Staying Alive, Bee Gees

Ms. Bowman- Don’t Stop Believing, Journey


Elliot Varner- That What I like, Bruno Mars

Makiah Correa- Begging On Your Knees, Victorious Cast

Natalie Gen- Ain’t No Mountain High, Marvin Gaye