Coffee Shop’s new menu: low-calories low-prices

The Coffee Shop has been delivering tasty treats and drinks to students all around the school since the beginning of its program.

According to retired Special Education teacher Mr. Cope, the coffee shop has been up and running for nearly ten years. The main purpose of the program is to prepare special needs students for the workplace by giving them real-world experience in serving the students throughout the school.

The coffee shop sells items such as grilled cheese, cookies, quesadillas, seasonal coffee, and several other delectable snacks; none of which are necessarily low-calorie foods.  And, while some of these items are healthier than others, they can still promote unhealthy habits.

Recently the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) stepped in and made some rather distasteful changes to the shop’s menu. The USDA informed the program that everything on their menu must be below 200 calories due to health concerns.

According to Ross Cardwell, one of the coffee shop’s administrators, he believes that this sudden change in the menu will negatively affect the program’s sales. The main reason behind this prediction is that implementing this new menu would mean no full-sized cinnamon pretzels, which are the most beloved snack of the falcon students.

Although this new menu will most likely bring some distress to the customers, you can’t put a price on people’s health, and this new menu will help clean up students’ diets calorie by calorie.

Senior Eliyah Dunbar, one of the shop’s main food runners has been serving this new menu to his customers for a little over a month.

“I don’t really like this new menu, it’s very confusing and makes people not buy as much as they used to,” Dunbar said.

The coffee shop’s menu may have had a few minor changes, but they still manage to produce mouthwatering treats and no business seems to have been lost since the changes were made..