Softball team makes adjustments, new coach

The Falcon softball team looks to make some changes this season in hopes that their improving athleticism and high spirit will propel them into victory. And, this season will look more normal, as COVID nearly destroyed the past two years of play.

New Head Coach and Science teacher Lily Moresco is looking to turn around the program after last year’s rough season.

According to Moresco, she also intends to encourage players to focus and dedicate themselves to the sport. Teammates and juniors Ramey Bower and Riley Fay will be key players for her as they work to achieve this season’s new goals. Bower plays a crucial role in the team, both on and off the field as a strong third baseman and leader. Fay’s enthusiasm and skill as a pitcher hope to support the Falcon defense. Both players help bring together the team during the preseason.

Falcon softball has been practicing all through the winter off-season to prepare for upcoming games. They have continuously been in the weight room and on the field practicing skills from batting to fielding. Fitness has become a key component of their training regiment this season to help them persist through long games.

“It is essential for us to define when to have fun and when to work hard in order to help us grow not just as a team but as a family,” Fay said.

They first step onto the field for their opening varsity game on March 15, away against the Knights of Kellam. This is followed by their first home game on March 21, against Lions of Tallwood.