Falcon Indoor Track teams take on local schools

SOPHOMORE KAYLIN SEIM comes around a curve in the 1600 meter run. She placed in the top ten for this event. (courtesy of Milestat)

The Falcons took on schools from around the city at their second indoor track meet of the season, competing at the new Virginia Beach Sports Center near the Oceanfront.

“We now know the types of runners we are competing against and are hopeful that both the girls and boys teams that a chance to improve their times from here on out,” sophomore runner Rex Lemon said.

They had an impressive performance in their first meet and were able to improve in many events such as the female 55-meter dash and the male 300-meter run.

According Lemon, going into the 1000 meter run event, he was aware that his own teammates, as well as a handful of runners from Princess Anne (PA), were his greatest competition. Although he was not able to outrun some of the fastest PA Cavaliers, he was able to overtake some members of his own team.

Sophomore Nate Marquez had a third-place finish in the 300-meter run; staying consistent with his time in his previous meet where he also placed third. Senior Tyler Dalton showed off another impressive finish with a time of 2:49.34 in the 1000 meter run.

Junior Salya Brown finished 4th in the 1600 meter run alongside her teammate, Annie Busch, who finished 3rd in this event.

“We definitely have room for improvement this season, but I am proud of the team for reaching some personal records,”  Brown said.

A key moment in the Falcon’s meet was when Annie Busch competed in the 1000 meter run and finished with a  time of 3:25.01, boasting the best time so far this season for the girls.

Falcon runners will compete again, weather permitting, at the Virginia Beach Sports Center.