Sophomore, Kate Hobbs, newest female football player

FALCONS TAKE ON Tallwood High School with one of their most valuable assets, sophomore kicker Kate Hobbs. Falcon JV football took the 27-14 win, giving them a 3-0 record to date. (Elyse Unger)

Sophomore Kate Hobbs, soon to be the starting goalie for the Girls Varsity Soccer team, is also the newest kicker for the Junior Varsity (JV) Football squad. What makes this special is that Hobbs is only the second girl in the school’s history to kick for the school’s football team. 

Hobbs started kicking in early September at the beginning of the JV football season. Girls varsity soccer coach Michelle Clark encouraged her to take on the role because she’s a strong goalkeeper and kicker, but thought this would be a great way to improve her skills.

Hobb’s first game was at Tallwood High School, where she kicked off for the Falcons as well as added a point to the board. New to the sport of football, it was an adjustment having the opposing team race towards her with the intent to tackle her.

In most high school level sports teams, the roster is composed of all girls or boys. Hobbs is the only female on a team of roughly 35 males. While this may seem intimidating to take on, it is nothing new to her. 

“I’m kind of familiar with it because I used to play on a boys soccer team for three years, so I was already acclimated to that environment,” Hobbs said. 

Hobbs has joined a growing trend as more girls strap on a helmet and pads. She has found inspiration from a collegiate level kicker.

According to Hobbs, Sarah Fuller kicked for Vanderbilt University and was also the girl’s soccer team goalie and she killed it.

The JV football team is now 3-0 in their first three contests of the six game season. Come check out  the team at their next game as they take on Ocean Lakes on Thursday, October 14.