Students participate, professional mock interviews

The school will hold its first ever “Mock Interview” for students during first and fourth block on Friday, March 13.  Students can pick either block and if needed, a permission slip can be signed by a teacher and parent to miss class.

Professionals from around the area will be coming in to give students an idea of what to look forward to when applying for jobs. Each student that wishes to participate will be interviewed individually for 15 minutes, followed by a 5 minute follow up with advice. Feedback will be given to the student to ensure success in the future.

Although this is a mock interview, it should be treated as if it were real. Students should prepare in advance and know how to answer common questions. Students should also dress professionally, because the professionals will also be judging upon attire and demeanor.  Understand that any feedback given should be taken as constructive criticism; the professionals have a lot of experience and are here for your benefit.

“We have decided to open up the interviews to seniors and all AVID students,” event organizer Mrs. Shumate said. “The interviews will be offered four times throughout the day in the library and in the cafeteria. Students will be asked predetermined questions then given immediate feedback. Our goal is to help our seniors learn how to have a successful interview, whether for college, scholarship, or future jobs. Furthermore, we are excited to give students the unique opportunity of practicing interviews for future jobs.”

The deadline to sign up is Friday, March 6, and once signed up, students will be added to group Remind 101 app for reminders, hints and information prior to the interview.

Students who would like to interview during 1B on March 13th:

Text @mock1b757 to the number 81010

Students who would like to interview during 4B on March 13th:

Text @mock4B757 to the number 81010

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