Annual “Buddies Helping Buddies” event brings dedication, leadership

Students gathered last weekend to host and participate in the annual “Buddies Helping Buddies” leadership workshop, put on by the school’s “Buddies Helping Buddies” club.

The event is an opportunity for club members to volunteer their time to students with special needs, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with their peers in a fun and meaningful way. This event also encourages the club’s students to put others’ needs before their own and the importance of “giving back” to the community.

This year, seniors Kaitlyn Piston, Chrissy Baker, Emily Smith and Eric Michals organized the event in hopes of giving these students an exciting day filled with games and activities and the opportunity to step outside of their everyday routines. Club members used the entire morning to create activities that would, hopefully, build long lasting memories that these students wouldn’t forget and choose to participate in more events like it.

Special needs students were treated to alternative activities such as singing songs, making arts and crafts and playing  a variety games. The club’s goal was to create friendships during this event that will leave a lasting impression on all the students involved, club members and visiting students alike. 

“Buddies Helping Buddies is my favorite workshop because it isn’t not only fun, but it also gives the opportunity for special needs students to be a part of something they wouldn’t typically do in an every day situation” Michals said.

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