‘Hoodies for the holidays’ donates sweatshirts, elementary school students

‘Hoodies for the Holidays’ is an annual fundraiser to help third grade students at College Park Elementary School who come from families that are in need of warmer clothes for the holiday season. The elementary students are asked for their sweatshirt size, as well as their potential ‘dream college’ they may want to attend when they’re older so we can raise a cumulative amount of $1620 to give them each a hoodie.

Falcon students will take that information to provide the necessary ‘hoodies’ for these students, not only as a gift, but to keep warm this winter and to inspire these youth to actually strive to move on to higher education in the future.

CHS students are asked to donate $1 during their 2B class during the week of Monday, Dec. 2- Friday, Dec. 6,  in order to raise a collective amount of $20. The classes that go above and beyond to raise the most amount of money will receive a free Chick-fil-a party and classes who reach the goal will be rewarded with Dunkin’ Donuts.

Alumnus Kenzie Wall started this event two years ago and has since turned into a giant success for everyone involved. Now, her younger brother, junior Gresham Wall has taken over the cause and is looking for ways to improve the donation process so no child is left out.

“The college sweatshirts serve as a means of warmth over the wintry season and as an inspiration for each child,” Wall said.

In previous years, students looking to donate would find and buy the hoodie themselves, but it became too difficult when certain colleges were requested. In effort to make the process smoother and to ensure students donate, Wall discovered a company, BBUB Greek Gifts, willing to make sweatshirts for each student regardless of the child’s size and/or college for a minimal fee per sweatshirt.

As the holiday season is a perfect time to give back, each and every dollar raised and each sweatshirt donated will help keep these third grade elementary students warm during the holiday freeze.

“In years past, we had different organizations that would adopt a student and bring in a hoodie for them, but this year we want everyone to donate to make this year bigger and better. Instead of it being a club sponsored event, we have taken it a step further and made it a school wide function,” Shumate said.

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