New year offers new faculty members, new administrators

Walking down the school’s hallways, it would not be uncommon to see many new faces, students and teachers alike. This year, in particular, we gained some bright new faces to the school’s faculty including 12 new teachers and two new administrators.

Bailee Adams, Special Education

Ross Cardwell, Special Education

Chirstopher Faries, Computer Programming

Nicole Fratrick, Math  ***Apologies to Dr. Fratrick, who does not appear in the video.  “We see you.”

Kathryn Hatcher, Spanish

Kevin Johnson, English

Jennifer Ludford, Library

Paul Marquez, English

Amanda McConnell, Math

Mylinda McKinney, Art

Emily Oscar, German

Whitney Szcoke, Assistant Principal

Thomas Semmel, Economics, Financial Management

Richard Trumble,  Assistant Principal

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