AP Biology students attend cadaver lab

As a different sort of science-based learning experience, 60 AP Biology students will travel to Tidewater Community College (TCC) this week to participate in a hands-on, real cadaver lab, as well as hear various TCC science professors lecture on subjects such as Anatomy and Oceanography, which are two major components of the AP Biology curriculum. 

The school’s Biology department has been working with the Dean of Natural Sciences at TCC Greg Frank for several years to ensure that this opportunity was possible. 

“I’m excited for my students to have a real world experience about the curriculum we learn. They will learn the basics of anatomy in the spring. It’s such an unforgettable experience when you can hold a heart or lung in your hands,” AP Biology teacher Sabrina Shumate said.

TCC Anatomy professor Dale Horeth will speak to students about college classes offered for anyone interested in taking an Anatomy class in college. Students will also be afforded the opportunity to see a wave pool and discuss the Biology of the ocean with Oceanography professor Michael Lyle.

 According to Shumate, she has managed this field trip for the past four years and is grateful to have the opportunity to sponsor this field trip once again. She believes that this annual field trip serves as a way for students to gain medical field experience.

AP Biology student junior Olivia Pugh hopes to pursue a career in athletic training after high school as knowing the human anatomy is one of the biggest parts of the job.

“I would like to go into the medical field, so gaining real world experience gives me a good opportunity to prepare early and realize my true passion in the medical world,” Pugh said.

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