November movie review: “The Grinch”

Seniors Ashley McGrath and Taylor Everett recently reviewed the classic holiday movie “The Grinch” starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the Grinch, and includes other well known entertainers such as Pharrell Williams and Rashida Jones. The movie itself  puts a fresh twist on a Dr. Seuss classic.

McGrath found the movie similar to the original version and although she agreed that it did include plenty of plot twists, she still rated the movie a 5/10.

Everett found the movie a bit more pleasing, a cute twist on old classic, but with a few too many additional characters and animals that weren’t necessary to the plot.  She did give the movie a 7/10 rating, but not definitely not a super enthusiastic “thumbs up”.

Overall, both Smith and Everett found the movie holiday-oriented and “cute” for its purpose; both believe that it is a must-see movie during the upcoming holiday season.