Honor code revisited, fair or unfair

The Honor Code is a key component within the school that holds students to a high degree of honesty, giving them the opportunity to hold themselves accountable without having to involve administrators. It also allows students to promote a courteous atmosphere on their own, since the system is essentially student-run.

Although students are the main components of the program, Honor code sponsor Mr. Homesly oversees the program to ensure students abide by the rules and everything runs smoothly and efficiently. He also works with other teachers to ensure students are given the opportunity to learn in a fair setting.

“The Honor Code is a great opportunity for students to learn from their mistakes. It sets seniors up for success because they will learn proper behavior in high school, rather than waiting until college, when the consequences are much worse,” Homesly said.

If and when a student commits their first offense, they will receive a zero on that assignment. Furthermore, no retakes are offered and the student must accept the failing grade. If a student then violates the Honor Code a second time, they will fail that particular class for the quarter, or a nine weeks period. A third violation results in the student failing the class for an entire semester.

Violating the Honor Code includes, but is not limited to, plagiarizing, copying, or giving unauthorized help on assignments. Students and teachers both agree the implementation of this code has created a high moral standard to follow that is fair for all students, ultimately fostering a fair and balanced environment.

Students and staff were asked to give input on the topic’s concept and believe it was necessary in order to create a civil and balanced learning environment.

“It’s important to have a set Honor Code because it prevents cheating and provides a standard for everyone to follow,” senior Bailey Kuehn said.


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